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Samurai Archers

This wiki is a virtual incubator for ideas and collaboration. It is a place to propose and develop ideas openly and publicly in order to attract talent or inspire further development. The ideas proposed here should ideally range from modest digital utilities to impossibly grand modes of personal and civic life, but all of them should aim at nothing short of a lasting legacy in whatever aspect of culture for which they seek to contribute.

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  • fitRep // A simple, open, and versatile toolset for tracking and analyzing physical training.

  • pranaBindu प्राण बिंदु // An approach to formulating a complete and well-rounded physical training regimen with emphasis upon the importance of strength and martial prowess.

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  • rapiDex // A verstile prose-centric tool for publishing and collaboration.

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  • DPFm // A standardized format for assembling audio playlists.

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